“I Me Wed” is an upbeat, positive and poignant project where single women get married…to themselves.

Myself and my school mate Sadia Mir, are asking fun, sassy, confidant and independent women over the age of 27 years*, to join us in creating an evolving story project.

This video installation is the final project for our New Media Production course in the MFA Documentary Media Program at Ryerson University.  But we are also planning on applying to events such as Nuit Blanche and Luminato in 2009 as well as various galleries and public spaces around Canada and the US.

The symbolic ceremonies will be held at Ryerson University on Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 15th from 10AM-6PM.

Interested brides are asked to prepare their own vows, no longer than 2 minutes. Dress in whatever makes you feel great, sexy, beautiful!

You’re welcome to bring your own props and you’re more than welcome to bring friends.

We will provide refreshments and loads of fun.

Filming will take approximately 30-45 minutes and we will require you to sign an appearance release.

*We encourage all ages of women past 27 years to apply. The reason being is that the average age of marriage for women in Canada is 27.4 years. And for those who are 27 years and older, it’s a way for us to tell our nagging relatives that yes…we’re getting married so put a lid on it already!

Please contact us at IMEWED@gmail.com to set up a time to get married.

Thanks to all that apply!


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