I’ve been trying to think of something to do…I’ve been having a difficult time thinking of something original.  Trying to think outside of what I normally consider an archive or database structure and how to achieve a similar goal  (to unite varying information that relates to a certain perspective) but within a different methodology or format.

The one idea that I’m stuck on from four classes ago is the notion of “history” and “memory” and when those two collide.  I made the comment in class that “history” is like a corporation, with it’s designated experts or media spokespersons who can speak to the corporation’s actions/history whereas “memory” can act like the whisteblowers at such corporations.  Not to say corporations need whistleblowers because they’re all suspect but it certainly is up to the individual to keep a check and balance over his/her work, government, friendships/relationships…banking statements.    But more so, that individuals can provide a first person perspective and help re-define and/or re-write the history books or even encourage an evolving memory.  What would happen if we moved away from traditional conventions of how we understand an archive to act/function – who gets to be the curator? Well, what if everyone was the curator?

So, in my Interaction Design class with Mark Argo we discovered this new phone from Nokia that lets you take a picture of something…anything and then it immediately uploads it to the web and places it in context with every other photo that is out there that exists of the same image you captured.  It spits out all of these photos to you.  It also provides you with all available information/text about said object in your picture.   You can see who, when, what, where and why a picture was taken and how it relates (or not) to your experience at that exact moment.   Pretty darn cool.  In this respect, we are all contributors to an archive or to this particular object’s fond.   No one photo, depiction, interpretation is valued over the other.  All pictures combine to paint one picture.  The frame’s different but it’s still the same picture.

So knowing all of this – how can I come up with my own archive for this project?  I’m thinking of linking each picture in the 100 pictures database to other images that I can find and relevant information…even songs which might make reference to the person, thing, object, location captured in the picture.  Hmmmm….that’s a lot of work.  We’ll see how far I get in this first idea.


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