Okay.  I have another idea.   Everyone interprets things differently.  Of course.  That’s kindof the whole point of this project even within our class.  But how about if I create an archive out of how other people archive these images?

Hmmmm….so I print out all of the images onto cardstock…make them like cards.  And then ask multiple people, of different ages, situations, places to order them how they think they should be ordered.  I’ll see if there are any patterns that emerge in how “we – the people (or at least the small group of people that I ask to participate)” decide to organize information and imagery.  The only accompanying text will be how they were labeled and given to me, on disc.

The one that wins out (in terms of how many times the pattern appears) is how I will ultimately present my final project.

I kinda like my other idea better.  What am I trying to say with this brainstorm?  That really our minds always seek the path of least resistance, like water, electricity…we want organization in order to feel that the world makes sense?  Do we?  Do I?  Not always.  How can I inject a bit of organized chaos into this sorting procedure….things to think about.

Until the next brainstorm…


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