Since graduating from Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program in 2001, Joanne has been working steadily in the Canadian television industry as researcher, associate producer, and writer/director for factual entertainment, docu-drama and full-length documentary productions airing on National Geographic, A&E, History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

As an independent filmmaker/writer/producer, Joanne’s interests lie in the ways people defy stereotypes whether it be through gender, citizenship, navigating geography and reconciliation with personal space. Past independant projects include a short documentary for the National Film Board of Canada about mothers balancing kids and jobs while playing in a punk band, various video projects exploring gender in the 21st century and a mockumentary about the seedy underbelly of the crafting world.

Joanne received an MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University in 2009. As an interdisciplinary program, students are expected to explore documentary narratives within film/video, photographic and new media forms. From that work came a thesis film and paper exploring the female gaze within contemporary, alternative pornography and I ME WED, an interactive physical installation which encourages women to get married to themselves in a demonstration of self-love.

Current work includes an immersive sound and light installation for this year’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche entitled “Poplar Paradiso” –scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/project.html?project_id=1149

Co-created with her longtime friend and colleague Andrea Stewart, “Poplar Paradiso” fulfills a continuing practice and experiment in creating documentary narratives through physical installation.


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  1. Hi, this is Tobi. I was on the FPA panel with you back in 2009. I couldn’t find any other contact for you but wanted to ask if you ever finished your documentary “Women Will Cum.” The clips I saw were really awesome and I always wanted to see the rest, but just recently I was contacted asking if I knew of any good documentaries on porn and I’d love to recommend yours if it’s available somewhere.


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